Yale Scandere 11.7MM Climbing Line

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Scandere, meaning “to climb”is constructed with 48 strands of high-tenacity polyester tighly braided over a core of steam-stabalized nylon. With its solution-cast fiber and broad construction, the sleeve offers superior visibility, abrasion reistance and longevity while the stabilized core promotes flexibility, prevents stiffness and maximizes energy absorption. Capturing the finest features of a traditional kernmantle line and combining them with the essential toughness needed to get the job done. Scandere is easy to handle and highly compatible with mechanical devices.



Diameter: 11.7mm

ABS: 7,100lbs

Construction: Kernmantle

Material: Polyester, nylon core

Weight per 100′: 6.5lbs

Elastic Elongation: 3% at 10% ABS

  • Excellent SRT rope
  • Professional grade
  • Smooth cover for mechanical ascension
  • Low stretch
  • Tight braid
  • Light weight

3 reviews for Yale Scandere 11.7MM Climbing Line

  1. Zachary Richards

    I got this line hoping to find another option for my rope runner, and it definitely delivers. Smooth decents, retrieves well, even through multiple redirects, and still manages to have a soft feel. It doesn’t hurt that the color is awesome! Perfect SRT rope!

  2. Bennett Graves

    I can’t give this rope enough praise! It’s fantastic for mechanical devices, but also works excellent with the rope wrench and a 10mm Armor Prus. The 48 strand construction feels almost like shark skin and is absolutely bulletproof; After a year of heavy use the rope shows almost no signs of wear. If you climb SRT, you won’t be disappointed with the scandere!

  3. Jeffrey Friedman (verified owner)

    I agree with the other 5 stars. Not only does it look far nicer than the alternatives for mechanical devices, but it’s higher strand count make it a smoother operator. Up and down with a zigzag and chicane is as good as it gets with this.

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