Teufelberger TreeMOTION EVO Saddle

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The TreeMOTION has opened up new dimensions for tree climbers. It offers increased freedom of movement, individual gear loops, tremendous work-positioning comfort, improved distribution of load, special D-rings, and a replaceable rope bridge and hip-leg connection. The new features include a double rope bridge, redesigned front D rings for the ability to use a variety of bridge configurations, and a webbing organizer that keeps the long tail of your webbing adjustment tucked neatly away.



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The treeMOTION has been updated to meet the new ANSI Z133-2017 Standard.

The treeMOTION upgrades include:

Stronger and more durable side D Rings, ANSI-Cobra Buckles, and Frame Buckles

Elastic webbing cover around the ANSI-Cobra Buckle at the waist belt that provides added protection against saw dust

All Cobra-Buckles and Frame-Buckles are now anodized to improve abrasion resistance and longer lasting corrosion protection

1 review for Teufelberger TreeMOTION EVO Saddle

  1. Zachary Richards

    Don’t be swayed by the price tag. There is a reason why the Treemotion costs more, and why other manufacturers mimic this saddles designs. This thing is like a recliner. I’ve never been so comfortable in a saddle.

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