Tango Light Tree Climbing Boot


The Tango is a tough, flexible climbing shoe with a true leather upper and a high rubber rand around the entire shoe. There is an extra-high rubber section on the inside ankle of each boot to add protection for both the climber and the boot upper when using a foot ascender. A small hook on the back of the Tango keeps foot ascender straps from riding up over and onto the ankle. This is the only eyelet on the boot, though – the laces have no hooks or eyelets to break or get in the way when footlocking or stepping into tight crotches.

A polyurethane footbed supports the foot ergonomically and fights fatigue at the same time as it protects the foot. The anti-slip, 100% rubber sole provides excellent grip while footlocking, and also protects the cambium of the tree while still providing sure footing. Boots do not feature a water-proof membrane.

Available in whole sizes from 7.5 – 13.  Weighs about 2.7 lb per pair.



Manufacturer : Drayer
Made in : Germany
Available Sizes : 8-13 (D width)
Weight : Aprox 2.7 lb. per pair (size 10)


Reinforced for comfortable use of a foot ascender

Rubber rand around entire shoe for added durability

Anti-Slip Davos® sole provides flexible, firm footing and is easy on the cambium

Excellent protection and grip while footlocking

Ergonomic polyurethane footboard reduces fatigue and protects the sole