Singing Tree Rope Runner

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The Singing Tree Rope Runner is a single rope ascent and descent device for 11-13mm 24-strand ropes. The Rope Runner provides smooth control of the rate of descent for the climber on single, 24-strand line. It has become one of the most popular devices for SRT climbing. The tested and recommended rope for the Rope Runner is the 11.5 MM 24 strand Rocket Line, Blue Craze, Sunburst or Cherry Bomb from All Gear.

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1 review for Singing Tree Rope Runner

  1. Zachary Richards

    If you’re part of team SRT, then you need this device. Tending during ascent is frictionless; unparalleled by any other device. Not to mention this is the only device you can totally collapse for an awesome bomb out! Smooth like butter on limb walks, and fairly compact. Love my runner.

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