Reon Rounds Tether

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The Reon Rounds Tether, is a spring loaded aluminum rope wrench tether. It works on multiple climbing devices. By moving a series of interchangeable plates, you can set the Reon Rounds Tether to work with a hitchclimber pulley, a pinto pulley, unicender, or other stationary rope system approved device.

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fixed eyes

can be attached with a carabiner

spring loaded rope wrench stop (eliminating a lot of sit-back)

multiple attachment points for chest harness

rugged long lasting design, made of high strength aluminum

anodized to prevent corrosion

Zero Friction when rope walking



Photo Credit: @zigzagman.zr

1 review for Reon Rounds Tether

  1. Zachary Richards

    Performance and function is 5 stars. Works exactly as described. The spring helps the wrench engage sooner, and in turn, helps keep hitches from getting tight during work positioning. I particularly like the ease of attachment as well, with just a biner. Makes it easier switching between single and double rope systems. If you can get past the steep price tag set by the designer, whose name is on the tether, then you will def appreciate all the features.

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