Double Ring 3/4″ Soft Anchor Ring Sling


The Soft Anchor Rigging Sling offers a lightweight and easily adjustable rigging option. Multiple pockets on the Optimus Soft Anchor Ring Sling allows hassle free, knot free, adjustment. Two of the biggest rings are spliced onto Yale’s Optimus to make the biggest Soft Anchor Ring Sling available. Designed and hand spliced by the professional splicers at Gap Arborist Supply.

Currently Out of Stock. More Coming Soon.


Made with super strong Yale Optimus 3/4″ Rigging Line

MBS is 21,000 lbs in choked configuration

Tested and designed for use only in choked configuration

Only designed for use in choked configuration

8 consecutive 8″ Pockets

8′ Usable length

9′ Overall Length


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