Chainsaw Strap Long Reach Chainsaw Lanyard

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The chainsaw strop is a unique accessory to secure the chainsaw to the climber. The strap features a compact coil made of polyurethane with a Kevlar core, giving it strong, yet lightweight characteristics. The strap stows at just over 8″, yet has a full reach of almost 5 feet. Weighing in under 2 oz., this chainsaw lanyard is made for the tough world of tree climbing. The lanyard is designed to break at 198lbs.

The chainsaw should not be left hanging at the end of the lanyard.


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Technical characteristics

Coil cable: polyurethane with Kevlar core, yellow
Ring: welded stainless steel
Sewn strap: 100 % polyamide, 10 mm wide (0.39 in), blue

Breaking strength of the product: 90 kg (3174 oz) (the metal fastening breaks if the chainsaw falls)

Length: 22 cm (8.66 in) – Extends to 1.5 m (4.92 ft)

Full extension with ca. 500 g (17.63 oz)

Weight: 53 g (1.86 oz)

2 reviews for Chainsaw Strap Long Reach Chainsaw Lanyard

  1. Zachary Richards

    The most compact, light weight, and overall “out of the way chainsaw lanyard available. You really don’t even notice it’s there unless you drop your saw. Capable of stretching further then you could ever reach! Love it!

  2. Patrick Fitch

    Amazing!! I pass my saw behind my back frequently and every other lanyards would get caught on saw/accessory hooks, chainsaw bar would get caught up… this lanyard is so small and compact you forget it’s there! It won’t be leaving my trimmer! Great product!

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