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Common Knots

Bowline Bowline (Yosemite Tie-Off) Anchor Hitch Running Bowline Clove Hitch Bowline on a Bight Butterfly

Friction Hitches

Blake’s Hitch Prusik The Schwabish Distel Hitch  

Fly Splicing Instructions

Fly Eye Splice

3 Strand Splicing Instructions

Samson 3 Strand Eye Splice  New England Ropes 3 Strand Eye Splice New England Rope 3 Strand Splicing Instructions Back Splice

Winch Line Splicing Instructions

Yale Winch Line Splice Instructions Samson Winch Line Eye Splice

Adjustable Slings

Yale Whoopie Sling Instructions Samson Whoopie Sling Tenex/Tenex TEC Samson Whoopie Sling AmSteel_AmSteel-Blue Atlantic Braids Loopie Sling

12 Strand Rope Instructions

New England Locking Brummel Instructions Samson 12 Strand Class 1 End for End Splice Samson 12 Strand Class 1 Eye and Eye Tail Samson 12 Strand Class 1 Eye Splice Yale Single Braid Eye Splice Yale Single Braid End for…

New England Ropes Splicing Instructions

New England Ropes Complete Splicing Guide

16 Strand Splicing Instructions

Marlow Gecko Splicing Instructions New England Braided Safety Blue 16 Strand Splicing Instructions Samson 16 Strand Splicing Instructions  

Double Braid Splice Instructions

Samson Class 1 End for End Splice Yale Double Braid Eye Splice Samson Double Braid Class 1 Eye Splice Samson Double Braid Class 1 Backsplice Fly Splicing Instructions Tachyon Eye Splice Marlow Double Braid Splicing Instructions Marlow Venom Splicing Marlow…

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