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Yale Scandere 11.7MM Climbing Line 200ft

Product ID: SCANP200

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Scandere, meaning “to climb”is constructed with 48 strands of high-tenacity polyester tighly braided over a core of steam-stabalized nylon. With its solution-cast fiber and broad construction, the sleeve offers superior visibility, abrasion reistance and longevity while the stabilized core promotes flexibility, prevents stiffness and maximizes energy absorption. Capturing the finest features of a traditional kernmantle line and combining them with the essential toughness needed to get the job done. Scandere is easy to handle and highly compatible with mechanical devices.
Diameter: 11.7mm

ABS: 7,100lbs

Construction: Kernmantle

Material: Polyester, nylon core

Weight per 100': 6.5lbs

Elastic Elongation: 3% at 10% ABS

Excellent SRT rope
Professional grade
Smooth cover for mechanical ascension
Low stretch
Tight braid
Light weight
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