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4SRT Chester Solo
The 4SRT Chester Solo is an efficient, simple up and over sling, for ease and comfort during SRT ascent, with multiple adjustability.
Buckingham Ergo Pro Y Style Retro Fit Fall Arrest harness
The two adjustment points on the dorsal pad allow for users with larger necks to adjust out, or in for those with smaller necks. The adjustment feature allows for zero or extremely limited rubbing of the harness webbing on areas of your neck and shoulders and provides near-perfect adaptability for all kinds of body types.
Temporarily Out of Stock. More Coming Soon.
Buckingham Ergovation H Style Retro Fit Harness
The Ergovation H-Style Retro Harness is a retro harness that accommodates dorsal fall arrest. It also has the ability to accommodate climbers utilizing Single Rope Technique (SRT) to access their work vertically. This H-Style Retro Harness is unmatched in comfort, durability and versatility. By utilizing the harness the climber is able to decrease the strain on the low back region and disperse the weight of the saddle, as well as the tools that the climber is using, throughout the entire upper body.
Buckingham Ergovation SRT Bridge
The Ergovation Sigma Suspension SRT attachment accommodates users that want a ventral attachment for vertical work. Once attached to the saddle, the SRT's two loops are used to anchor life support connecting links. In fact, the Ergovation™ Sigma Suspension SRT attachment can turn any Buckingham saddle with a 1.75" waist strap or smaller and two leg straps into an SRT compatible saddle!
Buckingham Retrofit Suspenders - U6261
Add these sweet Buckingham suspenders to your harness when that 660 is pulling your harness down. They are the Y style and fit most Buckingham saddles. They have a plastic buckle in the front for keeping the suspenders together and placed where you want them to be while climbing. Made in the USA
Edelrid CORE TOP Chest Harness
Edelrid’s Core Top chest harness can be combined with any Edelrid Core harness, including the Treecore, to create a full body harness. The Core Top is easily adjusted with two easy glider buckles to fit different sized users.
Temporarily Out of Stock. More Coming Soon.
Petzl SECUR Shoulder Straps for Positioning CROLL
The Petzl Secur shoulder straps help position the Croll ascender. They can be added to Sequoia saddles and other Petzl saddles with a central attachment point. It attaches with a girth hitch to the rear ring of the harness. They easily adjust with the DoubleBack buckle.
Petzl Sequoia Adjustable Bridge
Replacement adjustable rope bridge for Petzl Sequoia and Sequoia SRT saddles. Connects to the gated rings on the Sequoia harness offering lateral mobility to the arborist.
Petzl Shoulder Strap for Sequoia
Shoulder straps for SEQUOIA SRT seat harness, designed for taking the load from the waistbelt and redistributing it to the shoulders for improved comfort. These straps connect to the ventral attachment point of the harness and to the two slots at the rear of the waistbelt.
Petzl TOP Chest Harness
The TOP chest harness transforms the AVAO SIT, FALCON and SEQUOIA SRT seat harnesses into fall arrest harnesses. The foam shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing. When the waistbelt is loaded, they help distribute the load over the shoulders
Petzl TOP CROLL Chest Harness
The Top Croll chest harness from Petzl is added to a seat harness. It features an integrated Croll ventral rope clamp. It can be used to transform the Avao, Falcon, Falcon Ascent, and Sequoia SRT into rope access harnesses. Joins at the rear buckle and connects to the ventral attachment point with the Delta directional connector.
Petzl VOLTIGE Chest Harness
The Voltige from Petzl is an adjustable chest harness, ideal for support while climbing. It is easy to use and compact. For use only in conjunction with a climbing harness.
Seat for Sequoia and Sequoia SRT
Wide seat for a comfortable working position during suspension. It has an adjustable width to reduce bulk and facilitate movement within the tree. It connects to the two gated points on the SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT arborist seat harnesses, using the two shackles.
Temporarily Out of Stock. More Coming Soon.
Teufelberger treeMOTION ANSI  Spare bridge
The TreeMotion bridge is constructed with a woven 24-plait polyester cover with an intermediate sheath made of staple fibers. The core is Dyneema SK75 which is very strong and abrasion resistant. The bridge features a double braid construction.
Teufelberger treeMOTION EVO back pad
The Comfort Back Padding for the treeMOTION harness is configured to satisfy the ergonomic needs of tree climbers. This optional padding features wide flexible grooves that support the dissipation of heat and allow the padding to rest snugly against the wearer‘s body without creases. The central part of the padding was specifically designed for the lumbar region and provides additional support in that zone.
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