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Rope by Diameter
We make it easy to find the best rigging rope from the most trusted brands in the industry. Compare different ropes by size to help you make the best choice for your rigging application.

Rope by Diameter Categories

1" Rigging Rope is made for the toughest pulling, lifting and lowering jobs in the arborist industry. If you are looking to pull a tree with a piece of equipment, it doesn't get much stronger than this.
1/2" Rigging Rope is the work horse for lowering lines. We stock a full selection of 1/2" lowering lines, and our professional splicers can put an eye in any of our rigging ropes.
When you are lowering lumber, or need a super strong rope for pulling a tree, 3/4" rope is a great choice. Gap Arborist Supply stocks a full range of 3/4" rigging rope. Our certified in-house splicers can put an eye on every rope that we stock.
3/8" rigging rope is a great lightweight rope for lowering branches or making adjustable slings.
Gap Arborist Supply stock a wide variety of 5/8" rigging rope. We can put an eye splice on all of the ropes that we stock. 5/8" is a trusted choice when you are taking big leads or chunking down large logs.
Gap Arborist Supply has a wide variety of 9/16" rigging ropes to choose from. Our splicers can put an eye on any 9/16" rope that we stock.