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Gap Arborist Supply has a full variety of slings for crane work. From endless loop slings to spider leg slings, we have the items that you need to rig safely pick after pick. Want a custom crane sling? We make custom slings all of the time for crane rigging. Give us a call and we can make a kit for your style of crane rigging.
When you have a big rigging job to do, we have the slings to get it done. We make dead eye slings from bull rope such as Stable Braid from Samson, and with 12 strand rope as well. We can make a sling in any length from any rope you want.
Webbing slings allow you to lift heavy loads easily and safely. We stock webbing slings in eye to eye or endless loop configurations. They can be used in choker, basket, or for vertical lifting. Webbing loops are durable and strong enough to handle your heaviest lifting job.
Loop Runners make excellent chokers straps for tree work. They are durable, light weight, and can be used in many different configurations, such as redirects, speed line slings, and creating a step for work positioning when climbing. They are versatile, inexpensive, and durable.
Our ring slings are hand spliced by our professional in house splicers, using Tylaska Low Friction Rigging Rings. Tylaska rings have a superior anodized coating which holds up to the abuse of wear of rigging. Ring slings are available in a variety of configurations, and we can custom make rigging slings to your specifications.