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When you are rigging down logs you need a strong dependable rope. Gap Arborist Supply stocks the strongest ropes from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Have any questions about rigging ropes? Feel free to text us on our website and we'll make our best recommendation.

Rigging Rope by Type Categories

Arbor-Plex by Samson is a classic 1/2" arborist rope. A light weight and high-strength 12-Strand climbing or rigging line. Tough polyester jacket fibers surround polyolefin center fibers to maximize resistance to wear and fiber fusing.
Buzzz Line is made of 100% orange solution dyed polyester. The strand is laid much like Yale’s 16-strand products, which are made to maximize abrasion resistance. The braid is tight to prevent snagging but supple enough to make handling and throwing a snap. An all-polyester composition maximizes the tensile strength, while offering an enhanced ability to absorb shock over other 12 stranded products. Buzzz Line makes a great choice for footlockers and arborists that prefer a full sized ½” rope
Double Esterlon is ideal for use in lowering systems, supplying unmatched rope strength and durability. This double braided cordage is the strongest double braided polyester rope available. It has low stretch and excellent abrasion resistance which is further enhanced by our tree grade Maxijacket coatings. These are color coded for diameter which makes finding the right rope for the right job easier. Double Esterlon is a workhorse for lowering devices, pulleys, speed lines, and slings.
Husky Bull Rope provides excellent abrasion resistance, break strength, and energy absorption. The Husky Bull line has a polyester jacket and a nylon core to provide increased breaking strength over typical polyester core ropes.
Polydyne from Yale does virtually everything a standard double braid bull rope does, but allows you to drop bigger wood, increasing productivity. Polydyne has a much higher working energy absorption meaning you can do more to the rope without damaging it.
Samson Pro-Master offers the best blend of performance and price in the marketplace. Pro-Master is an affordable 3-Strand rope constructed of spun and filament polyester fibers over a polyolefin core. This is the recommended rope for use with the continuous rope puller.
Tenex from Samson Rope is a 12-strand single braid that offers high strength with low stretch and outstanding abrasion resistance. It is Samthane coated to provide abrasion resistance, enhance wear life, snag resistance, and increase ease of splicing. 3/8" diameter.
Samson Tree-Master rope is a great line for natural crotch rigging due to it's high strength and wear-resistance.
For a long time, True Blue has been the climbing line of choice for many climbers. Made from 100% polyester, True Blue premium climbing line has low stretch and high strength. It stays firm, round, and flexible with use and requires no milking. ), and abrasion resistant. Its bright blue color makes it highly visible in the tree. Samson True Blue is one of the most pliable and flexible ropes we sell, and is also quite strong. True Blue is a heavier climbing line, so if you are looking for a strong line that is a bit lighter, try Samson Arbor Master.
Sirius Bull rope is a professional rigging line which has been trusted by arborists in Europe for many years. At 12mm, this 100% polyester double braid is slightly smaller than 1/2”(true half-inch lines are 12.7mm) and is a lightweight, high-performance rope. Unique to Sirius rope are the overload indicators: strands set at regular intervals in the rope which show when the rope has been subjected to overload.
Stable Braid is a double-braid, 100% polyester rigging rope that is exceptionally low stretch, abrasion resistant, and runs best though an arborist block for false crotch rigging. Stable braid is flexible and easy to handle, which makes a great combination with the high strength of this rope.
Sterling Ropes has long been trusted as a manufacturer of top-quality climbing, access, and rescue lines, and now with Atlas they have delivered their first tree-rigging line. Sterling Atlas is a double-braid tree rigging rope with a Polyester cover over a Nylon core. The Nylon core provides not only great strength but increased elasticity. This extra stretch helps to mitigate loads created when catching wood, and reduce peak forces. Sterling Atlas has a great hand and a firm, round cross-section which has been designed to work excellently with bollards on the GRCS or Port-a-Wrap.
Tenex-TEC from Samson Rope is a high-strength, low-stretch hollow braid polyester rope.
Tenex-TEC is specifically designed with two ends per carrier to allow higher production splicing for standard slings and Whoopie Slings. This construction also allows more rope surface conformance to objects being lifted than standard single braid constructions. It is Samthane coated to enhance its wear life.
The newest addition to Teufelberger’s portfolio of world-class products, the tREX is a low-stretch 12-strand hollow braid polyester rope specifically designed with two ends per strand. The tREX provides a supple feel and excellent abrasion resistance and is designed for use as a straight line or standard dead eye sling, as well as whoopies and loopies. The hi-vis line is solution-dyed to prevent color loss
Yale Cordage's XTC-12 offers a great, "nubby" feel that makes for a great hand. Its construction makes for a lower weight, yet it retains excellent abrasion resistance. Built to be round and stay round, XTC-12 is a 12-strand single braid of polyester/“Para-ep” Olefin. This all-synthetic rope resists rot and mildew, and performs equally well in both wet and dry conditions. Its unique appearance and single yellow tracer make it easy to identify.
Optimus is a 100 percent high tenacity polyester 12 strand single braid. Optimus is a great all-around rope which enjoys a multitude of Arborists uses; pruner cords, adjustable slings and spider legs to name a few.