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1/2^ Rigging Kit
This kit is a go-to for rigging. The kit includes 150' of Yale polydyne, a RP048 ISC Rigging Block, a 5/8" loopie sling, a 601N Portawrap, a 15' x 5/8" Bull Rope Eye Sling, and a Bull Rope Bag for storing the rope.
12mm Sirius Rigging Kit
The Small Rigging kit is a great kit for lowering limbs and light duty rigging applications. With 150' of 12 mm Sirius bull rope and the Rock Exotica Omni block, you can quickly lower limbs and perform other light rigging. The omni block is attached to a loopie sling allowing the climber to set up and reposition quickly to maximize lowering operations. The 1/2" whoopie sling is designed to quickly attach the Porta Wrap to the tree to control the limbs being lowered. The kit is stored in the Weaver Leather gear bag.
3/4^ Rigging Kit
This kit is made for heavy duty rigging applications. This Rigging Kit for 3/4? rope includes 200' of 3/4" Yale Polydyne Rope and an ISC RP055 Rigging Block with a 3/4" loopie sling. It also includes a 601LN Portawrap with a 3/4" x 25' sling and a Heavy Duty Bull Rope Bag from to store the rope.
5/8^ Rigging Kit
This rigging kit is ideal for medium to heavy rigging. The kit includes 200' of Yale polydyne, a CMI RP145 Rigging Block, a 5/8" 3-8' whoopie sling, a 601LN Portawrap, a 15' x 5/8" Bull Rope Eye Sling, and a Gap Arborist Bull Rope Bag.
CMI Speed Line Kit
If you are in the market for an easy way to move cut limbs to the chipper then CMI’s speed line kit is the perfect option. The kit allows you to safely move limbs away from the base of the tree. CMI’s kit includes 10 aluminum D carabiners, 10 slings and one bale, which holds the slings together, all combined in an easy to carry mesh bag.
Standard Rigging Kit
This standard rigging kit for arborists includes a dead eye sling to attach your Port-a-wrap lowering device to the tree and an adjustable loopie sling to hang the sturdy 3/4" CMI rigging block.
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Showing 1 - 6 of 6