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Blocks are designed to withstand the rigors of arborist rigging, such as shock loading. The strong upper sheave and wide cheeks help blocks to withstand more force than pulleys with swinging side plates.

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From its unique and doubly secure interlocking anchor bollard, to the highly efficient oversized ball bearings, this is a block with a difference. Designed to combine lightweight and compact with high performance, the Impact Block XS will become your best friend for redirect rigging, winching and snatching stem wood. In addition to highly evolved fairlead flares, the sheave is integrated with the side plates to ensure seamless transitions for your rigging line, while the all-new hollow axle design facilitates complex rigging configurations and allows for maintenance such as servicing of the bearings or replacement of the sheave. Validated for long term use in the toughest of environments with the most demanding of operators, robustness and resilience are already proven.

Rigging Blocks Products

CMI 1^ Arborist Rigging Block
This CMI Block has an MBS of 68,000lbs and a recommended WLL of 13,600 lbs. This block can handle the largest loads, but weighs in at only 6.6 lbs. The block has aluminum sideplates and sheave, and a stainless steel axle. This block is designed for the biggest rigging applications.
CMI 1/2^ Aluminum Rigging Block
Introducing CMI’s newest mini arborist block, the RP162. Weighing in at only 1 pound, the RP162 delivers an impressive MBS of 21,900 lbs. It has a 1/2" rope capacity and is currently the smallest and strongest block of its kind on the market. A screw in top knob ensures a positive lock. SS axles, aluminum sideplates and wheels round out the package.
CMI 3/4^ Aluminum Rigging Block
CMI’s compact aluminum block is small and strong with a large capacity and robust design. Knurled knob for easy push and turn opening. Orange 7075 alloy sideplates, 3-inch aluminum sheave, bronze bushing and stainless steel axle. Proudly made and manufactured in the USA.
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CMI 3/4^ Stainless Steel Arborist Block
The RP131 is a 3/4" capacity arborist block from CMI. It has a maximum breaking strength of 45,000 lbs and can accomodate a 3/4 rope. This block weighs 5.65 lbs and has a stainless steel body, swinging side plates, and fixed upper sheave. The sides of this block are relatively sharp compared to other blocks, so care must be taken to avoid rope contact.
CMI 5/8^ Steel Arborist Block
The RP130 is a 5/8" capacity arborist block from CMI. It is designed for use in false crotch systems to help save wear and tear on bull ropes. This rigging block has a spring loaded upper pin with a captive bushing and is made of steel. Fabricated from stainless steel and aluminum for lasting durability in outdoor conditions.
CMI Holdway
CMI has developed the Holdway in conjunction with arborist JB Holdway to simply add friction to a rigging scenario. With a 3/4? rope capacity and an incredible MBS of 35,000lbs the Holdway can be used as a midline attachable rigging point or redirect. The large bend radius of the Holdway allows more of the fibers of the rope to safely share the load and increases the life of your line when compared to other friction devices. This device is intended to replace rigging rings or standard arborist blocks in different situations.
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CMI RP145 Arborist Block
Clear zinc-plated steel sideplates, 2 3/4" aluminum sheave, bushing, and stainless steel axle. The RP145 has a minimum breaking strength of 25,000 lbs and can accommodate a 3/4 rope. This block weighs 3.65 lbs and has a steel body, swinging side plates, and fixed upper sheave. Affordability and durable design make this a great value. The sides of this block are relatively sharp compared to other blocks, so care must be taken to avoid rope contact.
DMM Large Impact Block
The DMM Impact Block is a premium arborist block that has incredible strength and rounded corners. The rounded corners make it operate smoothly on all surfaces. The 3/4” Impact block has a hollow stainless steel spindle allowing advanced rigging operations. The lower sheave is over 4" wide for a wider bend radius that preserves more strength in the rigging line.
DMM Small Impact Block
The DMM Small Impact Rigging Block was designed for use in the tree care industry when loads may be dropped into rigging with considerable impact forces. The combination of high quality materials and advanced production processes has ensured a rope friendly, durable and robust product. During design each Impact Block has gone through a thorough dynamic and static testing regime, the end result is a highly functional product with an impressive strength to weight ratio.
ISC 5/8^ Rigging Block
The ISC RP054 is a compact 5/8 capacity spring block with a unique upper sheave, durable aluminum side plates, and a rope-friendly design that offers maximum security and strength for impact systems in heavy arborist work.
Medium Rigging Pulley for up to Ø20mm Rope - 150kN - Blue with Green Wheel
The updated RP055 from ISC is a 3/4” capacity spring block perfect for the working arborist. This rigging block combines the convenience of spring loaded upper pin with a captive bushing, and a lightweight aluminum design. The rope friendly rounded side plates are thick aluminum with a blue powder coating to enhance the life of the block. It is tensile tested to 22, 500 lbs, with a safe working load of 4,496 lbs.
Small Rigging Pulley for up to Ø13mm Rope - 100kN - Red with Grey Wheel
The RP050 from ISC is now a Hot Forged aluminum block made from high tech aluminum alloy. It is incredibly light, but strong. Aluminum alloy bushings and sheaves are supported by stainless steel axles. Spring lock captive bushings are easily accessed by a quick-twist nob. Sheave is supported by a sintered bronze bushing. Side plates are broad enough to protect lines during use and painted with a powder coated finish.
SMC Apex Direct 1.5
he Apex Direct is SMC’s fresh approach to the conventional
pulley. It’s specifically designed to be used with soft
attachments like prusiks, slings, and soft shackles. Used in this
manner, the Apex Direct aligns the rope with the direction of
the pull just like a swivel pulley does. It’s compact and over
50% lighter than a comparable swivel pulley/locking carabiner
combination. The Apex Direct is mid-line attachable and
features one handed operation that utilizes a low-profile,
patented, triple-action lock mechanism. This lock is operated
by three distinct actions: pivot the lock button, depress it,
then swing open the side plate. Simply closing the side plate
re-engages the lock mechanism and solidly secures the rope.
The operation is intuitive and ergonomic.
SMC Apex Pulley 1.5
SMC combined 54 years of design and manufacturing knowledge with an uncompromising program of innovation, prototyping and user feedback to create our new Apex Swivel Pulley. The result is a pulley with unmatched security and deceptively simple ease of use.

A patented, low-profile, triple-action lock prevents accidental openings, but the intuitive and ergonomic design can be opened with one hand. The robust lock is operated by three distinct actions: pivot the lock, depress the lock, and swing the side-plate. Simply closing the side-plate re-engages the lock and secures the rope.

The symmetrical side-plates are optimized for use with prusik-based progress capture systems and minimize the possibility of mis-rigging.

When unlocked, the side-plates swing away to streamline setup and offer maximum versatility when placing the pulley anywhere in your system.

The cold-forged, custom designed swivel eye accommodates up to three carabiners and the rounded profile offers excellent soft goods compatibility when you want to eliminate the carabiner altogether.
The APEX is best-in-class when you need a robust, versatile, and American-made pulley that is perfect for use in rescue, rope access, or arborism
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