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12^ Pruner Rope Insulator
This pruner rope insulator from Jameson is attached midline to your pruner rope. This device will break electrical current if rope contacts energized lines above insulator. Fiberglass tested to 100KV per foot for 5 minutes.
Hook Fox for Hayate, Hayauchi & Longboy Pole Saws
Hook accessory for hanging your pole saw on a branch or pulling the branch down. Fits Silky Hayate, Hayauchi, and Longboy pole saw series. Mounting hardware included. Built-in carabiner hole. Built-in notches for advancing your climbing line.
Male Ferrule
Jameson male pole ferrule fits poles that have a diameter of 1 1/4in. Wood poles may need to be shaved down. Includes a screw to attach the ferrule to the pole.
Marvin Wire Raiser
Marvin Wire Raiser is a great tool for raising rope and pulling hangers. *Not to be used near electrical hazards*
Silky Elastic Leg Straps
These elastic Velcro leg straps are sold as a pair. They fit the saws listed below. They will also work as serviceable replacement straps for your Sawpod.