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1^ Bulk Webbing Yellow
Both the Type 18 and 9800 webbing are ultra-high tensile webbing with maximum durability type 18 has a 6000 lb MBS.
ART Ropeguide 10'
The Ropeguide is ART’s patented friction saver. It allows for smooth rope work and special care of the tree’s cambium. The Ropeguide 2010 combines the best features of its predecessors with the fascinating results of ongoing research: It is very light, can take on even bigger loads and at the same time offers even more safety.
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CMI Anchor Sling is a simple, versatile, and adjustable sling that you can trust. Made from heavy duty nylon webbing with stitched pockets for an easy and safe connection.Basal Anchor Sling - Wrap the sling around the base of the tree in a choking configuration with the webbing going through the stainless steel ring, avoiding fiber on fiber contact for longevity. Always clip a ring on the first available pocket to keep a snug connection. Once clipped in, choose a pocket to clip in your climb line. Always be sure to clip into 1 pocket, not 2. The options are endless with this sling; connect straight with a carabiner, or add your favorite lowering device for an easier rescue in the event it's needed.
DMM Captain Hook
DMM’s Captain Throwing Hook is a self-locating, high strength hook that has been designed and tested with the attention to detail that DMM is known for. The pivoting D-Shackle removes torsional friction and the carefully sculpted hook form ensures reliable location on any anchor, specifically for connecting to remote anchors in order to facilitate controlled sideways movement. When the job is done, the Captain racks on your harness, minimizing the chances of snagging.
DMM Captain Hook Kit
An innovative tool catering for modern work at height techniques. Carefully designed to aid stability and positioning during technical jobs. The Captain is a self-locating, high strength hook that has been designed and tested with the trademark attention to detail that is synonymous with DMM. The pivoting D shackle helps destabilise the hook if presented in the wrong orientation and interacts beautifully with the carefully sculpted hook form to ensure reliable location on the anchor, specifically for connecting to remote anchors and facilitate controlled sideways movement – traversing.

Once in place, the quality engineering ensures a rated strength of 23kN (dependent on the anchor). When the job is done, the Captain racks superbly on a harness, minimising the chances of snagging.
MFG: DMM International
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Lac Balsam Tree Wound Treatment
Lac Balsam, also known as artificial bark, is the world’s finest tree wound treatment. It was developed and patented by horticulturists in Europe for use in grafting as well as tree wound sealant. It provides protection against insect and disease organisms that are attracted to open wounds. It comes with a brush which makes application fast and easy.
Magnetic Break Away Neck Tether
Designed and produced by professional arborist Sam Theis, the Magnetic Break Away Neck Tether is a simple and easy tool for tending your climbing system. The magnets are strong enough to pull your climbing device, but can also be pulled apart easily by leaning back. Works well with a variety of climbing devices, including the rope runner, bulldog bone, and rope wrench.
Rock Exotica enForcer with Case
The Enforcer from Rock Exotica is a compact aluminum load cell that measures force up to 20 kN. Utilizing two sampling modes, the Enforcer is able to monitor systems, and log drop testing in high resolution. Unique features like Bluetooth connectivity and swivel attachment points separate the Enforcer into a class of its own. Lightweight aluminum construction. Compact & portable design facilitates “in-line” use in rigging systems. Swivel attachment points diminish potentially dangerous torsional and off-axis forces. Features two sampling modes: “Slow” for monitoring and “Fast” for drop testing. Monitor forces wirelessly on your iPhone with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Record and download graphs of 4-second dynamic events (Enforcer app required. Sold separately)
SRT Basal Anchor 25'
This basal anchor sling from Gap Arborist Supply is used to anchor your single line to the tree. It allows the SRT climber to be lowered to the ground by his coworkers in case of an emergency rescue. It is comprised of a tachyon sling spliced onto a Rock Exotica TriRig Rigging plate. The sling is adjusted in length with a prusik loop which is run through the plate and attached to the lowering device. A length of prusik cordage is included.
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Weaver Aerosol Can Holder
Someone should have thought of this sooner! This unique holder can keeps a can or tape roll securely attached to your belt loop. Webbing cinches down and secures with Velcro closure. Nickel plated bolt snap easily attaches to your saddle.
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