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Neat Freak Keeper

Product ID: K1

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The K1 Keeper by Neat Freak is a lanyard management system. It organizes and quickly stows excess lanyard in one pull. Invented by Chris Corley, this tool is perfect for managing lanayrds of any length and configuration.
Manages lanyard line and doesn't inhibit preferred length
Organizes line in one easy pull
Reduces the amount of time spent organizing excess line
Secures safely and easily to most saddles
Suitable for dynamic and semi-static line
Manufactured using industrial grade Nylon 6

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

The keeper is sweet. It manages my 16ft lanyard...

The keeper is sweet. It manages my 16ft lanyard in seconds, in nice small loops, that don’t get in the way. It works best with softer ropes, like blue moon, calamine, or blaze. Works adequately with stiff ropes like yale r.i.n.g. , but is definitely noticeably harder to operate. All in all, it’s a well thought out, well constructed product. Highly recommend
- Zach Richards