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3M 1100 Ear Plugs 200/box
The 3M 1100 Foam Disposable Ear Plug is rated NRR 29 and are recommended for use in moderate to high noise environments. The tapered shape of these disposable foam earplugs allows them to fit the ear comfortably, while soft foam seals the ear. These earplugs are uncorded, feature a smooth, dirt- resistant surface and are a bright orange color.
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3M Helmet Mounted Orange Muffs
3M PELTOR Earmuffs X4P5E Forestry Orange are lightweight, low- profile, helmet attach earmuffs that offer a high level of protection with orange coloring to improve visibility.
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Kask SC2 Yellow Ear Defenders fits Super Plasma and Zenith
KASK's SC2 Ear Muffs are relied on by workers in areas with a medium to high level of noise. This product is the best ear defender in the SC line for high frequency noise situations. KASK helmets can easily integrate with the SC2 earmuffs with a bayonet adapter. This product is non-conductive and CE EN, ANSI, and CSA compliant.
Peltor Optime Helmet Mounted Muff 105
These ear muffs will fit most hard hats and helmets including Kask Plasma, and the Petzl Vertex. Developed for the ultimate protection in the most demanding noise environments. The OPTIME 105 features added mass and volume, plus a unique “double-shell” ear cup design (two cups connected via a foam inner layer to reduce structural resonances) to provide the maximum in noise reduction throughout the full range of low and high frequencies. NRR 27 db.