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Blood Stopper Dressing
Non-stick, expandable pad provides wound or burn coverage.
Features an additional stretch gauze roll that can be used as a pressure bandage.
Can also be used as an arm sling.
Buckingham Blood Stopper Kit
This first aid pouch from Buckingham quickly attaches to almost any saddle. Features a steel dee ring. It contains one large blood stopper bandage to control bleeding until the victim can be administered First Aid on the ground. The blood stopper does not contain a blood clotting agent.
Buckingham Rescue Buck
The Rescue Buck dummy from Buckingham is ideal for aerial rescue training, made of heavy cordura nylon, individual compartments can be filled with rubber “buckmix” pellets or other material to desired weight. Buckmix sold separately.
Special Order Item. Ships From Manufacturer.
Petzl Jag Haul System Kit
Petzl’s Jag system is the perfect haul kit for pickoffs, making a releasable anchor, or tensioning a system. The Jag system provides a 4:1 mechanical advantage with excellent efficiency, thanks to sealed ball bearings. The flexible cover means the Jag System is always ready to go because it will never get tangled. The haul end is immediately recognizable by its yellow cover.
WoundSeal Stop Bleeding Powder
WoundSeal Rapid Response Stop Bleeding Powder from Biolife for larger cuts and punctures. Contains 2-1/2 times the blood clotting powder as the Stop Bleeding Powder 2-pack.

WoundSeal is a topical wound powder dressing that works by combining with blood and forming an instant, protective seal/scab. Use on external wounds such as cuts, punctures, skin tears, avulsions, nosebleeds, and even wounds that may later require sutures. Ingredients are a non-toxic mixture of hydrophilic polymer and potassium ferrate. Apply directly to wound and apply pressure for 15-30 seconds.
Temporarily Out of Stock. More Coming Soon.
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