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Fall Arrest For Aerial Lifts
Gap Arborist Supply offers a full range of safety equipment for fall protection in aerial lifts and bucket trucks. If you need a custom bucket evacuation kit or want specific safety equipment that you don't see here we can bring it in for you.

Fall Arrest For Aerial Lifts Categories

The FS-Flex 185 harness from Fall Safe is a comfortable yet economical harness for lift or bucket truck work. The back D-ring is padded to keep the weight of the ring off of your back. The chest connection features a clip instead of the traditional slip-through type of connection, making it simpler to put on. The grommet style leg connections make this harness easily adjustable for different users.
The Safewaze fall arrest lanyard with two double locking snap hooks. Choose either 3 or 6 foot version.

Fall Arrest For Aerial Lifts Products

6' Web Retractable Fall Protection Lanyard
An extremely lightweight self-retracting device, the Safewaze 6' Web Retractable Fall Protection Lanyard is an ideal tool for bucket truck or aerial lift work. The high-strength polymer housing and aluminum components make this Class A lifeline one of the lightest retractables available.
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Adjustable Safety Lanyard
The FS560-AJ fall protection lanyard easily adjusts from 4-6 feet. It has a tensile strength of 5,000 lbs. Each end features a double locking steel snap hook.
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Arc Flash Dielectric Pull-Over/Cross-Chest Harness with Quick-Connect Legs and S
The SafeWaze PRO+ Arc-Flash Pullover Fall Protection Harness w/ Soft loop back D-ring has a unique design that provides comfort and easy movement in the confines of a bucket application. The combination of soft loops, heavy duty nylon webbing rated at 40 CAL, and the 35k rated dielectric buckles make this a complete dielectric/arc flash harness.
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D-Ring Extender
The SafeWaze FS813 D-ring extender provides additional length between the dorsal D-ring of the harness and connection to another component of their personal fall arrest system. It comes complete with a convenient snap hook end and opposite end D-ring for quick and easy connection.
Economy Fall Protection Kit
This economical fall protection kit features a fully adjustable, one-size-fits-most, single D-ring fall arrest harness with easy-connect leg buckles. This full-body harness has color contrasting shoulder and leg straps to simplify the process of putting it on, and is made of a lightweight polyester for comfortable all-day use. The single leg lanyard attaches to your anchor point and to the dorsal D ring. This kit comes complete with a bag for storage.
Economy Full Body Harness
The SafeWaze V-Line Fall Protection Harness with grommet legs has all the features of a premium harness, including a lightweight design for quality and comfort, at an economical price. It features easy adjustable chest strap with lanyard keepers and side positioning D-rings.
Petzl ABSORBICA®-I (150 cm)
The Petzl Absorbica-I is a single lanyard with an integrated energy absorber and captive carabiners designed for fall arrest from great heights. Equipped with two captive carabiners for fast and secure attachment, the Absorbica-I is certified to US and European standards. The compact energy absorber is self contained and abrasion resistant, and absorbs energy by progressive tearing of the webbing contained in the pouch to limit the impact force on the user.
Ratchet Anchor Strap 15' Long
This 15' webbing anchor with a ratchet strap, designed for use around columns and posts. The ratchet allows for the anchor to stay in the correct position on the column.