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Climbing Rope
Gap Arborist Supply stocks only the best climbing rope from the most trusted names in the industry. Our professionally trained splicers are constantly working to keep rope in stock and ready to ship. Need a custom length or want a custom eye size, contact us and we can get it made for you.

Climbing Rope Categories

12 Strand Climbing Ropes have faded from popularity, and have been replaced by lighter ropes such as 16-strand, 24-strand, and kernmantle climbing ropes. 12 strand ropes are durable and strong, and are still used by many tree care companies.
16 strand climbing ropes are popular for MRS climbing systems due to their full size, durability, and abrasion resistance. The strength from these ropes is completely in the cover, making them easy to inspect for safety.
24 strand climbing rope have become increasingly more popular. They are light-weight with a smooth cover that works well with a wide variety of hitch cord or mechanical device. The core and the cover share the load in a 24 strand rope.
Accessory cord is ideal for using to stow items on your saddle, creating small loops for hitch tending pulleys, or a variety of other purposes. These cords are not for life support.
Kernmantle climbing ropes have minimal stretch and tightly woven covers that work well with mechanical devices and toothed cam ascenders. Gap Arborist Supply is able to stitch eyes on any of the popular static ropes that we sell.