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Cabling Hardware
Hardware and hardware accessories for cabling and bracing trees.

Cabling Hardware Categories

These eye & eye turnbuckles are constructed of high quality hot galvanized, drop forged steel. The eye diameter is 3/4".
WLL 2,250 lbs
Minimum breaking strength: 9,000 lbs.
I/S Length 1.40”
I/S Width 1.20”
Overall Height: 2.50”
Outside Width: 2.00”
Internal thread 1/2 - 13
Hot Dip Galvanized Finish
These Eye Bolts are drop forged steel, machine threaded, and heat treated after forging. Eye Bolts are threaded National Course before galvanizing and assembled with hex nuts tapped oversize.
These heavy duty wire rope thimbles are constructed of hot dip galvanized steel. They offer longer service life and greater protection against wear and deformation of the wire rope eye. Choose your size based on the diameter of cable you are using.
Our J Lag Hooks are bright plated and machined threaded. In situations where there is a short run of cable, you may use the combination of right and left hand thread lags to tension the cable eliminating the need for turnbuckles.
Tree-Grip Dead Ends are designed to develop 100% of the published rated breaking strength of extra high strength cable. Tree grips wrap quickly around cable eliminating the time consuming process of splicing common grade cable. Choose your size based on the diameter of cable you will be using.
The Preformed Line Products Wedge Grip Dead Ends are designed to reduce the cost of labor and material needed to install cable. The simple housing and wedge assembly installs with less hardware than traditional cabling, and can be used with Common Grade and EHS Cable.
The Finishing Cap is not a necessary component of the Wire Stop®. It does, however, give a finished appearance and protection from exposed wire ends. The cap is made of UV protected vinyl.
The Rigguy Wire Stops offer a less intrusive, less bulky, and less expensive method for securing cable in trees! The internal taper of Rigguy’s wire stop fits over the middle strand of 7-strand EHS cable with the six remaining strands surrounding it. The more pressure that is applied, the deeper into the block the strand and taper are pulled. It can be used in more applications because it is secured on the outside of the limb or trunk. It makes a more finished, less cluttered, installation because of its small size and simplicity.
These malleable wire rope clips are constructed of high quality electro-galvanized steel. For use with common grade cable. Choose your size based on the diameter of the cable you are using.

Cabling Hardware Products

Rig Guy Beveled Washer
Washers specially made for situations with significant limb angle. The beveled washer is used on angled limbs to give the Wire Stop a relatively flat seat.
Rig Guy Wire Hub Stop
The Wire Stop hub is the middle of a hub and spoke system for joining three trunks or leaders together. Our hub solution is less damaging than triangulation because it only requires three holes instead of six. It also requires less than half the parts (13) required in a traditional system installation (31).