Product Category
Gap Arborist Supply stocks the items that you need to successfully cable and support a tree. We have both synthetic and traditional cabling systems, as well as rigguy stops and Wedge-grip cable stops for fast installation of traditional cabling systems.

Cable Categories

Branch Saver synthetic cabling is an adjustable cabling system for bracing limbs. It is resistant to UV, which makes it long lasting. Branch Saver is easy to install and is lightweight. It is also easy to splice and safe to work with. Branch Saver is a great alternative to traditional cabling systems.
1×7 Common Grade Galvanized Strand is very pliable and great for splicing. Not as strong as EHS cable, but generally requires less hardware to install.
1 x 7 Extra High Strength Galvanized Strand is very stiff and cannot be spliced. For use with Tree Grips or Wire Stops. EHS is the cable of choice for situations that call for strong cable.
Guardian Brace is an excellent fiber alternative to steel cable. It is easy to splice and easy to adjust in the field. Guardian dramatically reduces your installation costs because there is no hardware required. It is also much lighter and easier to work with than steel cable.