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Properly training your crew is a great way to build a winning team that goes home each night. We offer the best training materials that we can find. We also hold training sessions at our PA location.
Best Management Practices Tree Support Systems and Cabling
This BMP describes proper installation and maintenance of cables, braces, guys, and props that can effectively limit the movement of branches, leaders, or entire trees. It also serves as a companion publication for the American National Standard for Tree Care Operations—Tree, Shrub and Other Woody Plant Management—Standard Practices (Supplemental Support Systems).

Best Practices for Rigging 3rd Edition
Rigging is a key element in most tree care operations, whether it’s for removals, pruning or material handling on the ground. Basic to advanced concepts for rigging options using safe and efficient rigging in easy-to-follow steps. Includes: Rigging equipment lists, Managing rigging forces, Positive-rigging methods, Negative-rigging methods, Double-whip and double-block rigging
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Best Practices for SRT in Arboriculture
Single Rope Technique climbing is a unique method of accessing and work positioning in trees using a static rope system. This manual from TCIA combines technical knowledge and industry standards for SRT climbing to help ensure safety and performance. It depicts the cutting edge equipment and techniques employed in this up-and-coming climbing discipline. Its principal author is Donald Coffey, an accomplished tree climber as well as a subject matter expert in related vertical rope disciplines. With simple-to-understand text, Best Practices for SRT in Arboriculture is printed in four-color throughout, and boasts over 200 color photos and illustrations. Emphasizing safety, this manual provides a comprehensive overview of SRT.
Best Practices of Safety in Arboriculture
This captivating manual is basically an illustrated guide to the Z133 Safety Standard with additional action steps to mitigate risk. Trainers can pair this manual with the Tailgate Safety Training Program and/or other industry references as a way to freshen daily/weekly crew training sessions.
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The Tree Climbers Guide 4th Edition
The 4th edition has been updated to include three new chapters: Moving Rope Systems (MRS), Stationary Rope Systems (SRS), and Climbing Equipment, as well as 270 illustrations to help clarify and complement the text.