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Blocks and Other Hardware
Rigging hardware is designed to withstand all of the abuse that arborists can send its way. From Rigging Blocks, specialized pulleys, or rigging rings, Gap Arborist Supply has the hardware that you need to lower large wood safely and efficiently.

Blocks and Other Hardware Categories

Blocks are designed to withstand the rigors of arborist rigging, such as shock loading. The strong upper sheave and wide cheeks help blocks to withstand more force than pulleys with swinging side plates.
Rigging plates are a great way to make multiple connections for speed line rigging or for connecting multiple connectors.
Rigging pulleys don't have the upper sheave to withstand the force of shock loading that a block will, but are ideal for lowering light limbs, redirecting your rigging line, or setting up mechanical advantage kits to get the additional force you need to get the job done.
Rigging rings are lighter than blocks, and can withstand heavy loads. They aren't midline attachable like blocks are, but are becoming a standard piece of kit for most rigging applications.