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These kits are designed with all the gear needed to climb a tree using rope in an MRS system. These kits contain everything you need, including saddle, rope, and plenty of accessories to keep you safe and efficient.
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We’ve put this kit together to serve as a great starting point for beginning climbers. We recommend this kit for climbers who have a limited budget but want quality equipment.
This kit has everything needed to use your Petzl ZIGZAG. It includes your choice of the ZIGZAG or the ZIGZAG Plus, 150' of Blue Moon 24 strand climbing rope with a spliced eye, and 2 Petzl OK Triact locking carabiners. The Chicane Auxillary Brake allows you to use this kit in either SRS or MRS configuration. It also includes the Gap Arborist Heavy Duty rope bag to store the ZIGZAG kit.
Deluxe Rope Climbing Kit
This is the perfect kit for professionals who spend a lot of time in the trees. Yale Blue Moon 24-strand line is a high-strength, high-performance arborist climbing line with great hand feel. This kit comes with 5 carabiners and DMM’s popular hitch tending pulley. The new 35" Edelrid Cambium saver is the kit’s friction saver, and Dynaglide throw line is a popular, high-strength throw line. Our own heavy duty rope bag and throw line cube provide storage and deployment solutions. This kit has some of the best hardware and gear available on market, and is customizable.
DMM Hitch Climber Kit
This kit has everything you need to start climbing with DMM’s Hitch Climber. It includes a DMM Hitch Climber Pulley, two DMM Ultra O Carabiners, and a 30" Epicord 9.3 mm Sewn Eye and Eye. 9.3 mm Epicord will work on 11 or 12 mm climbing lines.
Teufelberger CE Climb 60m w/Tachyon
The CEclimb from TEUFELBERGER is the world's first completely certified climbing system (ascent assisting and work positioning system) consisting of a climbing rope and a friction hitch system.

For the CEclimb, the durable Ocean Polyester is used as a hitch cord and combined with the oval carabiner and the Hitch Climber pulley from DMM to make up the proven Hitch Climber system. The individual elements of the CEclimb system are also available as replacement parts. This way, you can retrofit brand-new individual components for the CEclimb system whenever necessary.
Special Order Item. Ships in approximately 4 weeks.
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