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180' Jetset Throwline
Jet Set is a pre-stretched spectra throw line that throws well either by hand or out of a launcher. Jet Set is high strength and has very little memoery after it is broken in,
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Adjustable Pole Strap
This adjustable nylon webbing lanyard from All Gear features a steel locking snap hook on each end. Features a slide-adjust buckle which allows easy adjustment from 4' to 6' in length.
All Gear Rocket Line 11.5mm Climbing Rope 120ft
Rocket Line is a 7/16" 24 strand braided polyester coated climbing line. This rope has a 16 strand polyester core, as well as a neon orange braided and twisted center core. This rope is a great choice for climbers who use ascenders as part of their technique. The neon yellow and bright red outer cover give Rocket Line high visibility in the tree. Firm construction allows Rocket Line to stay round for optimal performance.
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Target Line Throw Line
Target Line is a new economy throw line from the makers of the excellent Jet Set throw line. Target Line is 1/8” diamond braid polyethylene line, and is manufactured to be extremely slick to slide easily through the canopy. Target Line is more tightly braided than other economy throw lines such as Slick Line, to reduce snagging. Target Line has a neon orange and yellow striped pattern which really makes it easy to spot in the trees. Each spool is 200' long.